Why We Love Adagio

Adagio Accounting Helps Our Clients Run Their Businesses More Intelligently

What Makes Adagio Accounting Software Great

Who is Adagio for? Adagio Accounting software is designed for small to mid-sized companies that have an accounting office. This means the accounting function is managed by trained accountants rather than by the owner-operator.

Adagio is accounting software designed for real accountants.

Flexible Transaction Processing

Rather than being forced to post each transaction to today’s date (like in Quickbooks), Adagio’ software provides accountants and bookeepers with the flexibility to post to previous periods, and even periods in prior years. The accounting system needs to control accounts for a diverse set of departments, divisions, and even multiple companies. They expect to produce financial reports that provide exactly the information that each constituent in the organization needs.

Transaction Processing In Batches

Adagio software enables the accounting department to quickly and efficiently enter large volumes of transactions.

Adagio processes transactions in batches rather than one-by-one in real-time. Batch processing allows for error prevention and correction before the transaction is permanently posted to the GL. There are additional controls for transaction posting that flow through to the sub-ledgers to prevent unauthorized or unwanted posts. The batch detail also provides auditors with additional audit trail. Adagio easily accommodates companies that sell things rather than (or in addition to) services. Adagio’s integrated inventory supports a user defined, multi-segment part number, with 5 different costing methods (including standard costing) for light manufacturing or assembly. Integration with external point of sale and web stores minimizes duplicate data entry.

Financial Reporting That’s Second To None

Your accounting is only as good as the decision-making tools it provides.

Adagio’s award-winning Financial Reporter has the flexibility to provide you with the financial and managerial reports you need to run your business efficiently, competitively, and as profitably as possible.

Adagio Is An Alternative To Quickbooks & Sage 50 Accounting Software

Adagio offers excellent value for companies that have outgrown their entry-level product and are looking for an accounting software system that will meet their needs as they grow their businesses.

Quickbooks and Sage 50 do a little bit of everything. They are real-time systems – not batch systems. They are designed for owner-operators, with simplicity in mind. They do not handle large transaction volumes or large inventories well. Although Adagio Accounting is sold at a price-point that is a little more than the entry-level products, the depth of functionality and technical capabilities are closer to products that compete in the high-end enterprise accounting category.

Adagio Accounting Software

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Adagio Module By Module

Adagio’s modular nature lets us piece together the solution that is a best fit for your accounting department.

Adagio Ledger
Batch transaction management ensures only approved and balanced entries are posted to your accounts. It supports either a 12 or 13 period fiscal calendar, with a year of history and two sets of budgets. Every copy of Ledger includes and incorporates Adagio’s award-winning financial Financial Reporter, allowing users to create new financial statements by dragging and dropping a range of accounts into a customizable spreadsheet-based report.
Adagio Payables
Track amounts owed to vendors and improve cash flow by maximizing early payment discounts. Payables also supports unlimited control accounts and customizable cheque layouts.
Adagio Receivables
Offers complete receivables management. Adagio Receivables allows user-defined aging, customizable statements, and unlimited notes and alerts for an account.
Adagio Payments

Adagio Payments enables online credit card processing and storage in Adagio Receivables, Adagio Invoices and OrderEntry. Customer credit card information is automatically uploaded and vaulted to APS Payments to allow multiple credit cards on file and automatic pre-authorization, capture, sale, void and credit transactions to be processed with minimal operator intervention.

Adagio Sales CQ
A great tool for anyone who deals with customers/donors or prospects. Adagio SalesCQ allows you to scan your database for marketing and customer relations purposes, using numerous selection criteria.
Adagio BankRec
A centralized module that tracks your bank balances and lets you manage your cash position. Simply pick up transactions from Adagio Payables and send cash receipts to Adagio Receivables. Automatically reverse NSF cheques, accounting for bank fees and client charges. With BankRec, you can reconcile accounts to your bank statement and Adagio Ledger in mere minutes.
Adagio Invoices
Combines unlimited line items, lengthy descriptions and flexible formatting with powerful archival batch management for recurring invoicing and service billing.
Adagio OrderEntry
Adagio OrderEntry automates your sales order entry and invoicing, allowing you to manage and track backorders, future orders and standing orders, invoices and credit notes.
Adagio Inventory
Adagio Inventory is a complete multi-location stock management and control system which tracks purchases, receipts, shipments, returns and adjustments.
Adagio GridView
The perfect way for staff outside the accounting department to display information from Adagio without giving them access to the full accounting programs.
Adagio DocStore

Adagio DocStore enables the manual and automatic linking of PDF documents to Adagio accounting transactions and master files.

Generated PDFs (Invoices, Credit Notes, Inventory Receipts) are automatically attached to their source transaction. Accounts Payables invoices can be attached or scanned during batch entry. All reports can be generated to PDF and automatically filed.

Once a document is attached to a transaction in a batch, the document will automatically “flow” to transactions in other modules. For example, an Invoice processed in PurchaseOrders will be attached to the invoice in Payables. When that invoice is paid in Payables, a remittance advice and the invoice will be attached to the bank credit in Ledger. The controller, chief financial officer or auditor can click on a credit in the bank general ledger account and view the remittance advice for the cheque and all invoices paid by the cheque.

Adagio FX Pro
Completely automate month end financial statement creation, producing presentation-quality statements formatted exactly the way you need. Create budget, department and prior period comparatives, adding company logos and highlighting variances. Drill down directly from the statement to the posted transaction detail to explain unusual results. With simple drag and drop functionality, the “what you see is what you get” interface provides an unlimited variety of financial statements – and you don’t need a degree in computer science to custom design your own.

Adagio Cloud

Adagio Accounting in a cost-effective, secure, 24×7 environment, accessible from anywhere you are.

Cloud Applications

As small businesses, including non-profits and government agencies, recognize that the life cycle of servers and related equipment is typically 36 months, the trend for cloud-based applications continues to build momentum. The cloud provides small businesses with a more cost-effective way of acquiring software and computing power. Adagio Accounting is now available as a cloud (hosted) solution.

Competitive Advantage

  • Packaged and priced as cost-effective, high-value bundles of accounting applications.
  • Allows up to 5 companies in the base subscription.
  • Concurrent users licensing model is based on the number of simultaneous users logged in Adagio Cloud.
  • Clients may control the schedule for installing upgrades and updates as not to interfere with audits, year-end close and other events.
  • Self-manage user accounts—no wait time for the hosting company to provision.


  • Provides the benefits of a common organizational database, while it eliminates the large upfront costs of purchasing and maintaining a LAN.
  • Provides advanced financial reporting and best-in-class audit controls.
  • Enables you to schedule software upgrades and updates according to your timetable, as not to disrupt events like year-end close or audit.


When purchasing Adagio for an on-premise LAN or for a terminal server environment, products are sold as individual modules. When subscribing to Adagio in a cloud environment, Adagio Cloud products are licensed by function. As an example, Adagio Inventory, Bill Of Materials (BOM), CatchWeights and PurchaseOrders are sold as 4 different modules for an on-premise installation. In the cloud, all of that functionality for purchasing and management of inventory is in the product titled Inventory.


  • Adagio Cloud Manager & Utilities
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Reporter
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable


  • Accounts Receivable
  • Time & Billing


  • Accounts Receivable
  • Order Processing
  • Sales Analysis
  • CRM


  • Inventory
  • Purchase Orders


  • Job Costing
  • Purchase Orders


  • Reporting Tools


  • Multi-currency

Doc Store

  • Document Storage

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Third Party Products Take Adagio To The Next Level

One of Adagio’s great strengths is the breadth of Third Party products available which add functionality or address industry-specific needs you may have. The following products are all recommended and supported by both us and by Softrak, the developer of Adagio.

PayDirt Payroll

PayDirt Payroll

PayDirt Payroll lets Canadian companies properly calculate their payroll and, of equal importance, generate the desired accounting transactions, without having to do additional work outside of the payroll program, ensuring that the work is done right, and only done once.

TelPay Electronic Payments

Telpay is Canada’s only all-in-one electronic payment system, enabling you to send and receive money via any Canadian or international bank account. Telpay includes payroll direct deposit and direct payments to suppliers and government remittances. Handle all your business payments, in one system.

Wellspring Software

PrintBoss by Wellspring adds the intelligence to print, email, fax and digitally file your documents anywhere on your network. PrintBoss seamlessly integrates with Adagio Accounting. Most customers use PrintBoss to create cheques on blank cheque paper, saving 80% of the cost of buying preprinted cheques.
Edisoft EDI


Edisoft Merchant is a turnkey integrated EDI platform that includes flexible options to send and receive EDI files using any type of VAN, Direct AS2 and FTP connection to help companies achieve the lowest total cost of ownership for Integrated EDI Solutions.
PayDirt Payroll

Dakota Software

A seasoned Adagio Developer Partner, Dakota Software is best known for the Toolkit for Adagio, a collection of utilities essential for Adagio users who wish to maintain their data in an orderly fashion. They also develop National Accounts, specifically designed for companies that sell to chain stores, branch offices or subsidiaries, where the head office pays the bill on their behalf, Rentals for Adagio, designed for companies that rent, sell or service equipment, where recurring billing and rental inventory management are crucial, and Mobile Orders for Adagio, which pairs with ePortal to allow salespeople to collect and send orders from the field using their iPads or iPhones.

PayDirt Payroll

Lenmax Software

Exclusively designed for Adagio, Lenmax Software‘s sophisticated Wireless Warehouse Management System (WWMS) provides a complete inventory management and stock-location solution for small- to medium-size businesses.

Data is entered in real time through barcode scanning, and posted into the Adagio Operational Suite. WWMS extends Adagio stock-location functionality, making it modern, reliable and scalable information technology solution for wholesale, retail, distribution centres or manufacturing.

WWMS systems’ functions include: View Sales / Pick Orders, View PO / Receipts, View Location Inventory, View Cycle Counts, View Transaction Audit, View Replenishments, View / Create / Edit Shipments, and Generate EDI transactions.

Adagio Is Ideal For Not For Profits

For Not For Profit organizations, tracking your funding and expenses is crucial. Adagio Accounting, with its award-winning Financial Reporter, is a extremely well-suited to this type of organization. 

Bruce Gardner from ARX has more than 25 years’ experience working with over 30 not-for-profit bodies in a range of fields, including Community Living agencies, Children’s Mental Health agencies, industry associations, maternity homes, settlement agencies and hospitals. Here’s how Adagio’s unique feature set makes it a perfect fit for Not For Profit organizations.
  1. Financial Statements: One of the challenges of being the Director of Finance is the responsibility to provide financial statements to a wide variety of audiences including Program Managers, Funders and the Board. Each group has their own needs. Adagio has the best financial reporter in its market segment. It allows you to design a variety of reports and then print them (or export them) at month end with one click of a button.
  2. An Elegant Statement Designer: There is almost no limit to the types of financial statements that can be designed using Adagio’s Financial Statement Designer including Balance Sheets, Income Statements, Cash Flow, Key Ratios, Budget workbooks, etc. Statements can be rolling 12 month statements, have both Budgets and Forecasts and Forecasts can be fixed or calculated. Adagio provides more than 60 sample statements to help get you started quickly.
  3. Ministry Statements: Agencies receiving government funding are required to provide increasingly complex reporting each year. Adagio’s Statement Designer can be used to easily create the specific reports that match these requirements.
  4. Budgets: Budgets are a necessary but often painful part of the Director of Finance’s job description. Adagio allows recording of two budgets. Some agencies use one as the “fixed” and one as the “flexible”. Both budgets can be updated directly or by importing from Excel.
  5. Save money with Accounts Payable: In an era of scarce funding dollars, it’s imperative to find ways to save money. Did you know that every cheque you send out costs your agency at least $1.00? (cheque, envelope, stamp, bank fee, labour) Adagio provides two efficient methods to pay suppliers, contractors and employees electronically. You can reduce your payment processing costs by half, eliminate the risk of cheque fraud and free up staff time spent creating and reconciling paper cheques.
  1. Save money with Payroll: Salaries and benefits are the single largest line item for agencies of all sizes. But have you ever analyzed what it costs to prepare your payroll? Outsourced payroll firms such as ADP and Ceridian charge approximately $75 per employee, per year. If you have 100 staff members, that’s $7,500 per year. There are four payroll packages that integrate seamlessly with Adagio. After the initial conversion cost, your annual expense will be just $500 per year, for the payroll tax updates. Re-invest the $7,000 per year savings in programs for the clients you serve.
  2. Tracking Receivables: If your agency bills for services Adagio’s flexible invoicing function is ideal for producing attractive and meaningful invoices easily. The Receivables module tracks the amounts owed and will help you to keep your receivables under control.
  3. New Features: Softrak Systems has built success in the accounting software industry for more than two decades by responding to customer feedback. You’ll take comfort in knowing that your accounting solution is regularly updated with the features that are important to the success of your organization.
  4. Your Investment: Adagio is a modular software program, giving you the flexibility to purchase the modules that you need for your organization. A typical agency will use the General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation modules. Agencies that bill for services would add the Accounts Receivable and Invoicing modules. Additional modules that will optimize your accounting system include GridView to enhance your reporting and ePrint to enable your accounting department to minimize its paper output.

Not For Profits Get 30% Off

Softrak Systems offers a 30% discount for Not-for-Profit agencies (subject to proof of charitable status), and has a number of modular suites bundled for NFP. Installation and training services are available from ARX at a preferential rate, too.