Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Does Your Technical Support Work?
A: Most technical queries can be handled either over the phone, or via our Online Technical Support system, which allows us to log into your system remotely for diagnosis and assistance. Some issues require our physical presence in your office, in which case we book an appointment that is convenient for you.
Q: Do You Do “Office Calls”?
A: While most support can be done by remote access, there are times when it is important to visit your office. This is especially true during the initial implementation of a new system. It’s far easier to gain an understanding of your processes by being there in-person.  The success of a project is built on mutual trust and understanding. Those are both best established face-to-face.
Q: Do I Need To Be On An Upgrade Plan?
A: Softrak’s annual upgrade plans provide your firm with all new software releases in the subsequent 12 months. Subscribing to the plan is optional, though strongly recommended. The key benefits are that you always have access to the latest features and your software will always work with any new operating systems.

Upgrade plan members also have access to Softrak’s Technical Support Forum, which can be a great learning resource. Members also have access to a great library of pre-recorded webinars on Softrak’s website.

Q: Do You Do IT Consulting Too?
A: No. We specialize in the accounting software function with our clients. When it comes to IT issues (hardware, backups, connectivity), these are best handled by someone who specializes in that field. We can suggest names of firms that we have worked with before, and are confident will take care of your IT needs as conscientiously as we take care of your accounting software needs.

We are also happy to work with anyone you already have in place.

Q: Should I Be Using Adagio Accounting Or Sage?
A: The answer to this question is “It depends on your particular needs”.  When meeting a new firm, our rule of thumb is to start with Adagio, which is a simpler and more cost-effective solution. As the discovery process proceeds, we evaluate your needs to see if Adagio is confirmed as the best fit, or whether Sage 300 would be a more appropriate solution for your organization.