How Working With ARX Business Solutions Is Different


What You Can Expect Working With ARX

  • Reasoned, intelligent, accurate answers to your questions
  • Stability and longevity
  • Long-term thinking and big-picture analysis
  • Reliable support from a committed service provider
  • Patience, diligence and thoughtfulness
  • A spirit of cooperation and collaboration
  • A quiet, humble, trustworthy presence in your accounting department

What You Won't Get With ARX

  • Knee-jerk responses and poorly considered answers to your questions
  • A consultant who disappears when the installation is done
  • A short-term plan without regard for future growth
  • A hand-off to the manufacturer’s technical support
  • A rushed job that’s never really fully complete
  • Disruption, arrogance and disregard for your place of business
  • A sinking feeling that you cannot trust your consultant
Meet Bruce Gardner

Meet Bruce Gardner

Owner, ARX Business Solutions

Bruce Gardner’s breadth of experience as an entrepreneur, a custom software developer, and now as a consultant, brings him a perspective other advisers often lack. Throughout his career, he has developed accounting systems for engineering firms, manufacturers, distributors and medical waste disposal firms, in addition to case management software for child service agencies, and other smaller “middleware” projects. His clients include not-for-profit agencies, distributors, construction firms, manufacturers, accountants, fast-service restaurants, transportation firms and more. Bruce has consistently been recognized as one of North America’s top tier Adagio Consultant Resellers, and enjoys an excellent working relationship with Softrak Systems, the developers of Adagio Accounting.


Phone: 416-535-4884

"The Best Part About My Job"

The best part about my job is getting to know all the people who work in my clients’ offices.

"What I Find The Most Satisfying"

I get great satisfaction upon completing a project, having the client say how pleased they are at the benefits they see — Better reporting, time savings, reduced costs or any of a number of other benefits.

"What Challenges Me The Most"

The  most challenging aspect of my role:  the need to learn is never-ending. Whether it be a new client, new software or new computing technology, there’s always something that’s changing. My learning sources include webinars, colleagues, clients, the Adagio Consulting Forum, formal courses, Google searches, manuals and the annual Adagio Opportunity Conference (AOC) in Vancouver. The learning is constant. Never a dull moment!

What ARX Business Solutions Clients Say

I have been working with Bruce since 1991. He developed the first client management software we used, then supported our Accpac accounting software and eventually introduced us to Adagio, which we now use in multiple locations. Bruce is reliable and very easy to work with. I'd recommend ARX to anyone.


Linda Levely

Director, Finance & Administration, Child Development Institute

Bruce always gets the job done correctly, efficiently, and with great integrity. He always goes above and beyond to understand our business and our needs. His service is not only professional, but personable as well.

Alex Webb

Director of Accounting , Today's Family

We at RECO have been pleased to work with Bruce Gardner for some ten years. He is knowledgeable, professional and can always be counted on to craft a solution for any problem.


Gloria Fougere

Manager, Finance & Accounting, Real Estate Council of Ontario

It has been our pleasure working with Bruce Gardner over the past five years. He is always able to assist Farleyco with any changes that we have had to make in keeping our Adagio current. If he cannot answer a query, Bruce always sources out the answer or best solution. Over the years, Bruce has helped us immensely with the creation of new reporting systems that we needed to implement. Farleyco always looks to Bruce for advice on any software changes or solutions we may be considering. I highly recommend Arx Business Solutions, they’ve been an integral part of Farleyco’s business!


Ilona Wallace

Manager, Accounting Department, Farleyco Marketing

Working with Bruce and ARX these past two years has been a pleasure. When I started this job I had no experience with Adagio. Bruce has been very patient with me, answering all my questions, and has helped me tremendously. I can call Bruce anytime, even on weekends, and he will take the time to help and find a solution. Bruce is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him.


Nadine Glasford

Office Manager, Dean Chandler Roofing Ltd.

ARX provides an array of Adagio system services for Dixon Hall, from staff training, report writing, systems improvement, conversion of the system and even primary day to day services as adding a new account or department, running reports and trouble shooting the system. These services have proven to be invaluable to the organization by enhancing efficiencies which resulted in time and cost savings. Automation of the reports allows the department to deliver accurate and complete financial statements to multiple users on a timely basis. The reports now have integrity, as the data are generated directly by the system.

Most importantly, Bruce communicates with respect and dignity, and acts as a coach to the staff. His customer service is the very best, with patience, a pleasant mannerism, and always professional.He goes the extra mile with quick responses to service the team to ensure continuity of workflow. He tactfully makes recommendations and teaches staff to improve their growth and development on the system. He is very generous with his time, and prices his services to meet affordability. He is considered as an adopted member of our finance team of six!

Indra Latchu

Director of Finance, Dixon Hall Neighbourhood Services