Importing Deposits

Question: I am wondering if there is a work-around for importing deposits into BankRec so that they show up individually instead of lumped together as one number, with the description included.

For instance, on any given day, I have Cash, Debit, Visa, MC, and Amex deposits, which are deposited into our bank each day (or whenever I close out our Moneris machine).

When I import them into BankRec, it lumps them all together. I can copy (or move) the entries in the batch to multiple batches. However, when I do this, I lose the description once the batches are posted.
The description shows if I do an import with payments, just not with deposits.
Answer: If you are entering the cash receipt in Receivables, the Payment Method controls how the batch is created in BankRec. Credit cards can be batched by day in separate batches, while checks are appended to an open batch awaiting deposit.
Since you want to import a file from Moneris, you are better off importing into Adagio Receivables as a cash batch, and having the posted AR Cash get separated into BankRec batches by payment method. Attempting to import this file directly into BankRec will be way more work.
EFT Payment Returned by Bank
Question: I processed an EFT manually through our bank. The money came out of our bank and I cleared the payment through BankRec. Now, 5 days later, the bank has rejected the EFT and returned the funds to my account. How can I void the payment once it has been cleared? 
Answer: If you cleared the payment then it is no longer available to reverse. All you can do is post a deposit in BankRec as a miscellaneous cash receipt. The GL account number to use would be your clearing account. In AP post a Debit Note to the vendors account using the same GL clearing account. If you haven’t run period end in AP yet you will be able to apply the debit note to the original invoice to make it outstanding again.
Partially Clearing in BankRec
Question: A batch was imported and posted in BankRec which contained deposits from two different months. Is it possible to clear part of the batch and have the remaining entries left for the following month? If not, what’s the best way to handle it?
Answer: The best answer to any data entry error is to reverse the mistake and redo it. So, in this case, reverse the single deposit and re-enter it as two batches (deposits). You don’t need to worry about reversing (NSF’ing) the individual transactions within the batch, just deal with the sums.
Bank not recognized by BR
Question: We have set up a new bank in Bank Rec and in Payables. I thought I had set up all the links and integration just like I had the old bank. However, things did not go as expected…

I completed an EFT cheque run in Payables under the new bank. I then opened up Bank Rec, and when it was checking batches to import, Adagio told me that the Payables batch from the new bank was unsuccessfully imported. What is going wrong?
Answer: When you set up a new bank in BankRec, you are required to enter the AP bank code. This is how BR knows which BR bank to import the AP payments into.
It sounds like BR is not able to match the AP bank assigned to the incoming transactions to a BR bank. Double check that code.