GL Posting An Extra Line
Question: One of my co-workers has a strange thing happening when posting some batches. After posting a journal entry, when he runs the Detailed Listing report, it generates an extra line that reverses the entry. The line says “2015-/P8 Details missing”. If he closes the GL and re-opens it, the extra line is gone.
“View Transactions” does not show the extra line, just the Detailed Listing. This also doesn’t happen every time, and I wasn’t able to duplicate it on my computer. The data integrity check is fine, too. What is creating this line item?

Answer:  If someone has Financial Reporter open while transactions are being posted in Ledger, the Detail Listing will show this detail until Financial Reporter is closed.
Reallocation Accounts
Question: I have quite a number of Reallocation Accounts, some of which haven’t been used for a while. Is there a way to print out a listing of all accounts that have been set up as Reallocation Accounts?
Answer: Yes, you can use Export ( Account Reallocations ) to get a listing of all accounts set up as Reallocation Accounts. You will find it under File > Export > Account Reallocations. Alternatively, you can create a Filter on GL Accounts where “Auto Reallocation” = “Yes”.
Copying Archived Batches
Question: I recently upgraded my GL 9.2A and am now unable to copy my archived batches to current batches, which I normally do on a monthly basis. The batches copy back into the archived batches folder instead. What am I doing wrong?
Answer: When you are copying the batch, have a look at the section of the dialogue box titled “Batch type”. Choose “Current” (or “Next Year” if a new year is open) rather than “Archive”.