Refund from Receivables
Question: I have a customer who overpaid an invoice and I would like to issue them a refund. Is there an easy way to do this? Can I create a check from Receivables? Or import the amount owing into Payables?

Answer: Reasonably current versions of Adagio Receivables support using a Write-off batch to send net credit amounts to Adagio Payables as a manual check batch, to allow printing a check for a customer. To do this, you have to set up the customer with an associated vendor code from Adagio Payables, then use the Write Off batch function to generate an Adjustment batch for that customer, and choose the option to send to Payables.
There is a ShowMeHow training video on how to use Write Off batches in Adagio Receivables, including the sending of customer credit balances to Payables. You can find it here:
Overpayment in Receivables
Question: I have a client that made an overpayment and just wants it applied to future invoices. How do I enter it now in Receivables? And how do I apply the overpayment in Receivables when the new invoice is generated?
Answer: Enter the cash but leave it unapplied, unless you know in advance the invoice numbers you will be applying it to. If you know invoice numbers, you can apply the cash to the invoices, even though they don’t appear on the list, by clicking on a blank row below the last detail and entering the invoice number manually.
To match unapplied cash against open invoices, enter a $0 check. It’s easiest if you start by selecting the unapplied cash, and after that the invoices. Once the total unapplied amount is zero again, save the transaction and post it.
Reversing Payments In AR

Question: Is there an easy way to reverse payments that have been posted in Accounts Receivable?

Answer: If you have BankRec, you can NSF the deposit and everything will flow back through Receivables and the invoices will be re-instated.
If you do not have BankRec, you will need to do a batch of negative dollar cash receipts to reverse the incorrect deposit.
Changing Print To File Type
Question: How do I print the aged trial balance in Receivables to an Excel file? I’ve tried and it goes to a Word file.
Answer: You can change the type of file that you print to in User Preferences > Report Options.